The bloodthorn is a deciduous tree with thorny branches. The blossom and berry of the tree are edible by most species. The sap, however, is poisonous to any species that has not adapted. The poison causes blood to flow freely, as with hemophelia. This effect is usually short-lived, wearing off in a few hours.

The branches of the bloodthorn are covered with large, knifelike thorns. These secrete the tree's sap, which gives the tree its name.

The bloodthorn tree is localized to a small inland area. At the centre of the original area is a ruined fortress.

Creation of the BloodthornEdit

The bloodthorn was originally created by the master of the fortress. Using forced evolution, the local trees were mutated into a guardian forest, allowing only a single path to the fortress. While the fortress was active, foresters ensured that the path remained cleared and that the woods remained within their bounds. However, with the collapse of the fortress, the woods were allowed to expand slowly.