The Giant Kelp Lobster is a predatory species of Crustacean similar in appearance and taste to the earth variety. However these lobsters are both opportunistic and ambush predators with the largest species of Kelp lobster living in Royal Kelp. Earthlings may call them the Mantis Lobster due to their mantis like limbs that are camouflaged to seem like young leaves of the kelp they hid in. These claws are used to snag prey and either hold on while the lobster eats on it or pull the prey down to the lobster for consumption. Sometimes farmed carefully in conjunction to one of their prey foods the Cattle Fish. Males of the species tend to congregate in groups for most of the year while the females are fiercely territorial against others - sometimes even males.

The female Kelp Lobsters can be cannibalistic and eat females who fail in their territory challenges and even the eggs of another female if found in their territory. Females are larger in general and would eat a newly molted male. The Males however are more social though this lessens around breeding season when its believed the warmer waters make them more aggressive.

The young to adolescent Kelp Lobsters tend to live away from the hunting ground of the adults who live higher in the kelp. These Kelp Lobster tend to eat scraps and small scavenger fish or other crustaceans.

Though Farmed they are not completely domesticated. Adapted by their farmers over the cycles of meteor fall and by careful management of breeding they have been increased in size and molded to better catch prey, (those that eat them claim a better taste in the more active versions). Related by split evolution to more domesticated Pig Lobster.