Hello, anyone who reads this.

My chief reason for writing this blog post is earning the Excustoria wiki badge points, and increasing my standing in the wiki. ;)

Anyway, I'm still trying to figure out a reliable way to have the Giant Spiders' legs support their weight, which seems physically impossible... I could use hydrogen or vacuum bouyancy, or I could have the Spiders naturally grow Adminium on their legs, but the first approach might not entirely fix the problem, and the second has its own flaws (IE: wave-your-hand-ite flaws). Really, Vitures were a much more simple and commonsensical creature. Obviously feasible, obviously cool, and obviously deadly.

While I'm thinking about creatures, I'm also writing a story where a few characters have to interact with them. Just now, I invented a group search-and-attack flight pattern for the Vitures (really, they are quite cunning at times) to use to find and feast on prey (though they don't do it in large groups during mating season; something about attacking others of the same gender). One of the main characters in my story killed four Vitures in a fight, but one of the other three in the group managed to strike her while she wasn't looking... Now Jed will come striding in, with his protecting magic, his healing magic, and his blank memory (no thanks to an evil curse)...